living beyond extraordinary

What does it mean to live beyond extraordinary? Why does it matter?

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about me

Who am I? Why am I doing this...? Because IT IS TIME!

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soul restoration and brave girls club

What got me started on this journey? How I learned that sharing my story was something important!

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let’s do this!
Because it’s time… time to tell my story. ALL of it!
Not just the good parts. You know, the parts you’ve shared a hundred times, the parts that people post on social media. And not just the hard parts, the ones where you can pat yourself on the back and say “Whew, I’m glad THAT’S over!”
The WHOLE story matters. It’s what makes me ME. And it all needs to be told. Even the parts I’m still working on and don’t understand yet.


your story matters too!

Do you want to share your story with me? Did you learn something from mine? I’d love to hear about it!